Self Employed Business


As a self employed person, you are able to take on many different roles in your business. Though taking advantage of our services makes it very convenient, we know that giving you a heads up on how to get started brings a greater peace of mind.

Personal Income

As a business owner of a sole proprietorship, or corporation, you will be likely paying yourself a personal income. In this scenario, this personal income will be used to qualify you in the same manner you would qualify as an employee. The required documentation will be similar, yet may need additional business documentation. If other factors like liabilities and credit criteria are met, the rate may be lower than that of using the business income.

Business Income

Using your business income to qualify you for a mortgage is another way you can attain your mortgage. Qualifying via this process is different to qualifying as an employee. It will require additional documentation pertinent to your business activity. This documentation includes but is not limited to your financials, or statement of business activities. Though 2 years are preferred, 1 year confirmation of business income can be used. 

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