" My mission is to keep improving the lives of Canadians by applying financial strategies through mortgages and investments and insuring what is important to them.

I do this by taking the time to get to know you, and introducing you to my team, who together we have built relationships with top lender partners like TD, Scotia, MCAP, First National, and more."

First Time Home Buyers

A FTHB is classified as someone who has never bought a home, or a person who has been off the title of home ownership for greater than 4 years. This may qualify you for multiple government programs and incentives


As a self-employed person you may find it challenging to fund your mortgage. There are various lenders that offer products designed to cater to you and your family

Refinance/ Debt Consolidation

To Refinance is to break an existing mortgage, replacing it with a new one, usually to access equity and/or negotiate a lower interest rate

Reverse Mortgage

An increasingly viable way for the elderly home owner to improve their lifestyle, or assist their children or grandchildren with home ownership or funding their education

CLC Network is currently the fastest growing mortgage company in Canada. Starting in 2017 with 6 mortgage agents, and now standing at 350 agents and $1billion in funding due to our choice of agents’ and partners’ character, professionalism and service

We have developed relationships with top lender partners in the industry to ensure smooth, efficient and streamlined operations when dealing with our clients and our realtors’ clients.